BENCH MDG1: PORSCHE BOSCH MG1CP007 OBD unlock   OBD: PORSCHE 911 992 3.0T 331KW MG1CP007 (needs unlock) VR/W/CHK/Recovery CAN PORSCHE 911 992 3.0T GTS 353KW MG1CP007 (needs unlock) VR/W/CHK/Recovery CAN PORSCHE 911 992 3.0T S 331KW MG1CP007 (needs unlock) VR/W/CHK/Recovery CAN PORSCHE 911 992 3.8T 478KW MG1CP007 (needs unlock) VR/W/CHK/Recovery CAN PORSCHE CAYMAN 718 4.0 GT4 309KW MG1CP007 (needs unlock) VR/W/CHK/Recovery CAN     MAP3D red hilight in 2D against wrong floating point modifications.Improved map shape

BENCH MDG1: LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER SPORT 3.0L P6 Ingenium MG1CS028  VR SEARCH Feature:To very if a virtual file is present on Server

OBD: VW Golf VII MG1CS011 TC298 VR/W/CHK/Recovery CANSeat MG1CS011 TC298 VR/W/CHK/Recovery CANSkoda  MG1CS011 TC298 VR/W/CHK/Recovery CAN    BENCH MDG1: VAG MG1CS011 TC298(OBD Unlock not yet available for new Golf 8, only Bench function)   Car selector new search feature 

Bosch EDC17C49 – EDC17C69 * – EDC17CP52 *  Autotuner is now able to do the following:  OBD real read  OBD flash On the following vehicles: Fiat Ducato 2.0 JTDm – Bosch EDC17C49 Iveco Daily 2.3 HPI – Bosch EDC17C49 Iveco Daily 3.0 HPT – Bosch EDC17C49 Iveco Daily 3.0 HPT – Bosch EDC17CP52 Iveco Daily E6 2.3 – Bosch EDC17C69 Iveco Daily E6 3.0 – Bosch EDC17CP52

WORK IN OBD ON THE LATEST DUCATI AND MOTO GUZZI. Today’s update is dedicated exclusively to the two wheels. The Alientech technicians have been focusing on some of the world’s most famous brands: Ducati and Moto Guzzi. In particular, you will be able to work in OBD with KESSv2, on the ECUS Ducati Continental M3D – M4D and Moto Guzzi Marelli 7SM. The motorcycles involved in this update are among

RENAULT TRUCK T DTI13 440/480/520 SUPPORTED IN BOOT MODE! This update involves six new K-TAG protocols that enrich the list with several vehicles, also working ones. The communication methods are JTAG, Bootloader ST and Service Mode. Let’s start with the brand-new Renault Truck T, equipped with the ECU Continental ACM SPC564A70, that, starting from today, you can read and write in boot. The microcontroller that manages this ECU is: SPC564A70,

K-TAG: ECU ACDELCO E80, E82 AND E87 NOW SUPPORTED IN BOOT MODE! Through this last update, you will be able to work on the new petrol and diesel vehicles of brands that are popular in America and Australia, such as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Holden and also brands with an European selling markets such as Opel. THE NOW SUPPORTED ECUS ARE CONTROLLED BY THE FOLLOWING MICROPROCESSORS: MPC5676R Freescale, communication method

CIVIC TYPE R NOW SUPPORTED THROUGH OBD-II The 734 KESSv2 protocol is now available! With this new update, you will be able to increase the horsepower and the engine torque of one of the most technological and sporty Honda vehicles, by ensuring an even more aggressive and exciting drive. Alientech can offer a complete service to its customers, offering the OBD-II programming through KESSv2 with both real and virtual reading

MOTOROLA SERVICE MODE: READ, WRITE, AND CLONE THE ECU EDC16 AND MED9 ON THE BENCH. With the K-TAG communication method Service Mode you can now work on the bench also on the ECUS Bosch EDC16 and MED9, without opening them. Reading and writing can be made through the direct connection to the ECU connectors, in addition you will also be able to clone the entire content of the ECU. This

K-TAG Service Mode: from today you can work directly on the bench on the last generation Bosch MD1CE101, with microcontroller TC299, mounted on many brands. Through the K-TAG Service Mode communication method, you will be able to work with greater ease, by performing writing and reading through the direct connection to the ECU connectors. In fact, the connection on the bench allows to accelerate, but especially to simplify all the