BOOT: ZF PDK2-TC400 AURIX TC275 PORSCHE ZF PDK2-TC401 AURIX TC275 PORSCHE DELPHI PSA DCM7.1A  reworked protocol ( fast read/write ) BENCH: BOSCH MDG1 AURIX BMW OBD Unlock for OBD protected version ( where bench is still open) in this case you will be prompted for unlock after bench read CONTI SIM12.1 VAG r/w/chk/clone BOSCH MED17.9.9 LR/JAG DTC 167F clear Button “DTC 167F clear” is used to patch ECU preventing P167F error “unauthorized

Work in OBD to read and write ECU Delphi CRD3 equipped on Mercedes-Benz Diesel. Reprogramming FULL OBD for ECU Delphi CRD3, equipped on Class A, CLA, GLA, SLC and Sprinter Diesel. New Kess V2 protocol allows to read and write in FULL OBD many vehicles Mercedes-Benz Diesel equipped with the ECU:   DELPHI CRD3.E1 Class A, CLA, GLA, SLC and Sprinter Diesel, in production from 2011 to date, they become

TCU Bosch ZF8HP and Temic DSG. New protocols for repairs and elaborations in Service Mode. Full reading and writing for TCUS Bosch ZF8HP45, ZF8HP50, ZF8HP90 and Temic DQ250, DQ381 equipped on BMW. The updated protocols concern the TCUS BOSCH ZF8HP and TEMIC DSG, equipped on BMW and VAG vehicles. You can intervene with full reading and writing, thanks to K-TAG, without opening the ECU. What does it mean? Minimized margin

Motorcycles update OBD, bench and boot read/write Here is a bunch of new motorcycles supported by Autotuner! ME17.2 (BMW) OBD, bench et boot ME17.2.4 (BMW) OBD et bench MSE6.0 (CFMoto) OBD et bench US6.0 (CFMoto) OBD et bench ME17.8.10 (CFMoto) OBD et bench HD1 (Harley-Davidson) OBD HD2 (Harley-Davidson) OBD et bench HD3 (Harley-Davidson) OBD et bench MT21M (Harley-Davidson) OBD et bench ME17.9.74 (Indian) OBD et bench MG1CA007 (Indian) Bench ME17.8.42

Viano and Vito Mercedes-Benz supported by KESSv2! New FULL OBD protocol for ECU Bosch EDC17CP10 equipped on commercial vehicles Mercedes Viano and Vito. Thanks to the new OBD protocol, you can read and write the ECU:   BOSCH EDC17CP10 Easily intervene on commercial vehicles spread all over the world, like Viano and Vito Mercedes-Benz.   New KESSv2 Protocol BOSCH EDC17CP10 MERCEDES-BENZ     Read and write in OBD. Viano 3.0 CDI

Bosch EDC17C45 OBD read/write Autotuner is now able to perform the following operations: OBD Read OBD Write On the following vehicles: Nissan 3.0 DCI – 130hp Nissan 3.0 DCI – 150hp Renault 3.0 DCI – 130hp Renault 3.0 DCI – 150hp

Continental SIM2K Boot read/write Autotuner is now able to perform the following operations: Boot Read Boot Write On the following ECUs: SIM2K-250 SIM2K-251 SIM2K-253 SIM2K-259 SIM2K-260 SIM2K-261 Vehicles concerned: Genesis/Kia 3.3 T-GDI 370hp Genesis 3.3 GDI 282hp Genesis 3.8 GDI 315hp Genesis 5.0 GDI 426hp Hyundai/Kia 2.0 MPI 164hp Hyundai 2.0T (N) 275hp Hyundai/Kia 2.0 T-GDI 245hp Kia 2.0 Turbo 255hp Kia 1.6 GDI Hybrid 141hp Hyundai/Kia 3.0 LPI 235hp

BENCH: BOSCH EDC7C1 MPC556 IVECO AGRALE DOOSAN CASE NH STEYR VOLVO PENTA r/w/chk/clone BOSCH EDC7C3 MPC556 MAN r/w/chk/clone CONTI PCR2.1 VAG r/w/chk/clone BOSCH MEV17.2.1 BMW r/w/chk/clone BOSCH MEDG17.0 FORD LINCOLN r/w/chk/clone CONTI EMS3180 SMART r/w/chk BOSCH MDG1 BMW OBD Unlock for OBD protected version ( where bench is still open) in this case you will be prompted for unlock after bench read BOSCH MDG1 clear calibration tool when you brick

Brand-new Mazda CX-30 1.8 Skyactive-D OBD remapping! OBD remapping, Boot and Service Mode thanks to new protocols to read, write and clone ECU Denso, Hitachi and Bosch. Double update for the Alientech ECU remapping tools. Today, thanks to the new protocols, you can read, write and clone 5 new ECUS of the DENSO, Hitachi, and Bosch group. In particular:   DENSO SKYACTIV-D MPC5746 DENSO KS DENSO E1x DENSO GW HITACHI

New OBD and Boot Mode protocols to work effectively on Renault and Ford group vehicles. Remap with Kess V2 or K-TAG vehicles equipped on ECU Continental SID310, EMS2209 and Siemens SID804. New KESSv2 and K-TAG protocols that update the Alientech vehicles list of hundreds of new vehicles of the most important European and American brand, but not only.   The ECUS are: CONTINENTAL SID310 CONTINENTAL EMS2209 SIEMENS SID804 You can